Benefits of Water Jet Cutting


Some industries already manufacture products with water jet technology while others are very new to it. However, water jet cutting has various benefits that you need to know. Apart from this, there are two types of water jet cutting namely abrasive and pure water jet cutting. For abrasive water jet cutting, the water stream is usually added with a granular abrasive. This is to ensure more powerful acceleration to the cutting stream which enables hard materials like ceramics or metal to be easily cut. When it comes to pure water jet cutting, it is used to cut soft materials such as paper or foam, using the water stream only.

When looking for water jet cutting services, it is important to ensure that you get the right services for your needs. Depending on what you need to be cut, you should choose the appropriate method for cutting. In addition to this, you ought to get high-quality services that will not damage your materials that are being cut. Therefore, it is crucial that you do background research on the services offered by a particular company before you engage them. This is to avoid disappointments and making losses.

Water jet cutting near me has various benefits than the other traditional methods of cutting. First, water jet cutting is very versatile since it can be used to cut many types of materials. It can cut plastics, composites, glass, metals, stone, ceramics, and rubber. On the other hand, water jet cutting can cut thick materials if it is combined with a granular abrasive.

With this kind of cutting, there is no heat affected zone. This is a major advantage to the users since it is normally a cold cutting method. Cold cutting is able to produce clean cuts and is also safe to the operator since it eliminates burns. Apart from this, water jet cutting is beneficial since it doesn’t cause material distortion. Since there is no exposure to heat, the material being cut usually get a smooth and burr-free cut.

In addition, when using water jet cutting carbon fiber, you do not need any additional finishing process. This is because the cutting produces a precise result that doesn’t require more finishing. Therefore, it saves you time and energy while still adding to the overall efficiency. Also, when using this type of cutting, you will not find any hazardous waste. In the absence of heat, there are no fumes and gases that are normally produced when using water jet cutting. It, therefore, makes it very ideal for cutting various materials.

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